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Sponsor on FLAZH

Become a sponsor and support this website with any amount

Become a 'Sponsor on FLAZH'

Become a Sponsor on FLAZH


First of all, i would like to thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to read this page.

I started FLAZH in 1996 to make my freeware programs public, as well to publish usefull informations and problem solutions i was confronted over the years inside the www.

Today, FLAZH get around over 1,5 million visits and nearly 20 million hits per year, and use over 1,5 Terabyte bandwith. To balance these high traffic i bought some years ago an own rootserver. Now the server has an excellent access time, when many users are at the same time online, but the running costs have risen dramatically and to this end i am asking for donations to support FLAZH.


In appreciation of your help i'll place all sponsors, no matter how small or large the donation is, lifelong¹ in the list below:

It's very simple:

  1. Click onto the 'Donate' button to make the payment via Paypal:
  2. Fill out the following form.
  3. That's all! I'll send you an email as soon as your name was placed into my sponsors list.


  1. No Ref-IDs inside your website link.
  2. The following types of site will not be eligible to take part in 'Sponsor on FLAZH': adult content, offensive content, misleading content, or sites with Google ads only.


More infos: FAQs and Pay via wire transfer/cash

I support FLAZH

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¹ Lifelong means: as long this website is my own and exists.

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