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Appeal for funds -24.Apr.2018

@all, this website and my self-programmed tools make a lot of work and much more time. If you enjoy one of my tools and if you would like to support any further development, please support me with any amount via Paypal. Thanks!

AutoText v2.0.1.0 - automatical Text insertions

AutoText is designed to help you inserting recurrent passages of text into other software applications.
Freeware, Windows mehr Info

Pixelruler v9.1.0.0 - Screen ruler, 10.May 2014 new
Pixelruler - the screen ruler

Screen ruler with pixel scale for web and graphic designers.
Horizontal and vertical alignment, incl. zoom window, current colors as RGB and HTML values.
Freeware, Windows more infos

PiX v2.0 - Color grabber
PiX - the color grabber/picker

Color picker for web and graphic designers.
Zoom window, screen ruler, color palette, color values as: websafe, color average, RGB, Long, HTML, VB, TColor.
Freeware, Windows more infos

Captchas - Spam protection
Captchas - CSS, Graphic, Text

Captchas (Text, Graphic, CSS) against the annoying Spam.
For use in contact and registration forms, online polls, etc.
PHP-Scripts incl. download more infos

PC-Pro's - wanted!
PC-Prof wanted!

Are you a PC-Professionalist who has 5 minutes left to help me creating a Mainboard-Database?

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