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last update 26.Jan.2017
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HTML-Encoding to protect against Spambots and Data grabbers

Cryptor - HTML-Encoding



Program features

Version: 1.0 FREEWARE

Operation system: Windows 9x, ME, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista

  • Encodes any HTML code inside the <BODY>-TAG using JavaScript.
  • Protects against Spambots and prevents from stealing private informations.
  • Prevents from stealing HTML-code.
  • Experienced persons with JavaScript knowledge could simply decode it. But a normal user needs some efforts and time. The main function of cryptor is, to protect against Spambots and Data grabbers - and nothing else.


Download Cryptor v1.0 (2,73 MB) - the complete package incl. setup program.
Cryptor contains no Spyware, Malware or somethingelse



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Program functions

  • Language selection german-english
  • Creates a Backup-file from the original HTML-file. Format: original filename + new extension ".BAK". (e.g.: "mysite.htm.bak")
  • Disables right mouseclicks which normally will open the browsers context menu (Show sourcecode, Save Picture As). Note: this is no really protection, because 1. anyone can use the "view source code" option inside the browsers menu bar, 2. all pictures are stored in the browser cache, where you can copy them.
  • Shows a selfcreated notification for browsers without JavaScript. (e.g.: "Please activate JavaScript in your browser!")



Demo-Website encoded by Cryptor.


In recent times i have got some protests, that Cryptor was used to send encoded (Spam-)E-Mails with Adult content! I did not program Cryptor in order to make spamming much easier! With that i forbid any commercial use of Cryptor to send encoded E-Mails!
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